The Process for printing full color digital decals

  • We take your artwork or photos in digital form and reproduce these as a sheet of ceramic transfers. The maximum print area for each sheet of transfers is 10” x 16”

  • Xpression Decals uses the latest laser print technology and specially formulated ceramic toners to produce high quality digital transfers in CMYK.

  • Xpression Decals transfers can be applied to all ceramic and glass giftware, tableware, tiles and even candles!

  • The transfers are cut out around the design and soaked in water to release the image from the backing paper.

  • After applying the transfer to the ceramic or glass article a squeegee is used to remove any trapped water.

The transfer is thoroughly dried prior to firing. The ceramic pigments are stable up to 1376F - 1544F though lower firing temperatures must be used when firing glass and enamel pieces.