Your Setup Specs


Some Computer Skills:  Use Adobe Photoshop or comparable software to create:


Sheet Size: 11" x 17" (Your printable area 10"x16").


Background: Transparent or White


Resolution: 600dpi (Maximum)  200dpi (Minimum)


Mode:  Black and White images should be sent in Grayscale. 

   Color images should be in CMYK format. 

   To get the best rendering on your computer screen, you can use CMYK SWOP coated profile.  Using this will give you an idea of the limitations on color with digital printing.


File Format: TIFF, PSD or JPEG (flatten all layers)


Create or import your images (photos, drawings, text, etc) into the canvas. Lay out your decal sheet. Fill it to the edges if you want. Full color or duotone, it doesn't matter. Put it all in there!


We use a CMYK printing process, which means we can't print the color white. The color of the ceramic surface usually provides the white (think of it like printing color photos on a white piece of paper). Certainly our decals can be used on non-white ceramic surfaces, but the results will be less predictable.


Warning: Low-Resolution Images Don't Print Well !!


Many images, particularly 72dpi jpegs taken off the internet, look jagged and blurry when printed. For best results, we recommend that your images be at least of 200dpi (dots per inch) but no more than 600dpi. But don't go overboard because high-resolution images take up a ton of hard drive space and waste time printing and editing.


No Computer Skills???  Find someone who can help you follow the above instructions, or contact us for information on our Design Assisted Decal Sheet option.


If you have questions about your images before placing your order, please give us a call at 678-743-6691.  


If you have spoken with a representative already, placed an order over the phone, and need to upload your images only then please Click Here to Upload Your Pictures